About 16th ISQ Conference / Theme

ISQ’s Annual Conferences carry in depth presentations from industry leaders, professionals, and academics. The conference will be graced by eminent speakers from India, distinguished Quality Professionals and Industry Experts on Quality who will share their insight and experience. The conferences are made more interactive through case studies/ technical papers and discussions providing a platform for individuals to share their research, study, implementation experience, and other insights in the area related to the theme of the conference.

Indian Society for Quality is pleased to provide a platform for Quality professionals to showcase their contributions in shaping the future of India at its 16th edition of the Annual Conference at Pune. Conference gives an opportunity to debate, deep dive into planning for a sustainable growth of India. It will be also an opportunity to present related case studies of success by individuals/ organisations.

Quality: Shaping the future of India

More than ever before, the future of India, and indeed of the world, may hinge on quality. 70 years ago, post-war Japan was enabled to rise as an economic power through quality, taught at first by Deming and then deepened by an Age of Gurus. Forty years ago, the US, reeling under Japanese competition, rediscovered quality as its way to regain competitiveness. Nearly 30 years ago, India opened up its economy, and a number of Indian companies transformed themselves through quality to weather global competition.

We are in the midst of an economic slowdown once again. Questions are being asked about how Indian businesses can show resilience and emerge stronger than before. And once again, the answer fundamentally will have to be quality. Added to the challenges of the past are the emerging technologies grouped commonly under the term Industry 4.0, climate warming and other environmental crises that brook no delayed responses from us, and the reassertion of protective trade regimes by some powerful countries.

This is a time for drastically raising resource productivity, building new human capital and helping regenerate natural capital. It is also the time for energetic efforts at eradicating waste of all forms not only in manufacturing but in all stages of use. It is the time for unprecedented levels of innovation.

ISQ will bring together thinking managers from Industry and elsewhere in this Annual Conference, a flagship event. It is an occasion to interact with cutting edge minds from all sectors of industry.

There will be speeches by award winners, invited speakers, and there will be case studies. ISQ looks forward to your active participation as case study presenters, delegates and as sponsors.