About 17th ISQ Conference / Theme

ISQ’s Annual Conferences carry in depth presentations from industry leaders, professionals, and academics. In these Conferences eminent speakers from India and abroad exchange their expert knowledge and insights relevant to the Theme. Distinguished Professionals and Industry veterans on Quality share their experience as well. The conferences are made more interactive through case studies, discussions providing a platform for individuals to share their research, study, implementation experience, and other insights in the area related to the theme of the conference.

Covid-19 has constrained all of us in having a face to face annual conference this year. Hence 17th Annual Conference in 2020 of Indian Society for Quality will be held virtually. Duration of the conference also had to be trimmed keeping the limitations of online conferences and the span of attention it draws.

Conference Program Committee is putting all its efforts to make this first online annual conference is as interesting and value adding as the past ones.

Quality for Sustainable Development (Social, economic and environmental)

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It considers both the imperatives present and those of the future, such as the preservation of the environment and natural resources or social and economic equity. Embracing sustainable development is of paramount important considering the environmental damages, unlimited consumption and exploitation of natural resources we see today.

Quality Management helps setting the right goals and the path for sustainable development in an organisation with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

ISQ, in its efforts towards making Quality India, gives an opportunity to listen to the experts from different fields on their insight into sustainable development with practical examples and the usage of Quality Management in their efforts. It is an occasion to interact with cutting edge minds from all sectors of industry and institutions.

It will be made more interactive for better understanding and learning.

There will be speeches by award winners, invited speakers with case studies. ISQ looks forward to your active participation as delegates and as sponsors.