Call for Case Studies

Nearly 30 years ago, India opened its economy, and several Indian companies transformed themselves through quality to weather global competition.

Currently, we are amid an economic slowdown once again. Questions are being asked about how Indian businesses can show resilience and emerge stronger than before. Added to the challenges of the past are the emerging technologies grouped commonly under the term Industry 4.0, and the reassertion of protective trade regimes by some powerful countries.

This is a time for drastically raising resource productivity, elimination of waste of all forms, building new human capital and helping regenerate natural capital. It is the time for unprecedented levels of innovation.

Indian Society for Quality is pleased to provide a platform for showcasing and sharing such success stories of their organisations challenging the constraints through effective quality management. It will be an opportunity to share and learn through such case study presentations to prepare industry, institutions and service fraternity towards shaping the future of India.

We can expect over 250 delegates from academicians, business professionals, industry experts in the field, government officials and students to participate in the event. Your case studies will be of great value to the delegates who will carry home rich learnings and experience.

We invite organisations, individuals committed to lead the journey of transformation in the challenging times, to share their success stories through such case studies.

Academicians and researchers are welcome to present their work of research/study on the theme.

Presentation of case studies:

ISQ will scrutinise the case studies and select the best case studies for presentations during the conference.
Time: 20 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for the question and answers.

Awards and other privileges to presenter/ author:

There will be a discount in the registration fee (fee after discount is Rs.6000.00 -Rupees Six thousand only) for one of the team members who may be the first author/ leader or presenter of the case study.
If you wish, will be delighted to upload the presentation in pdf form in our website.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. Prabhakar Shettigar

Phone: +918012580850