Message from ISQ President

India is seen as the fastest-growing economy in the world. World predicts India to be recognized among the top three economic powers of the world over the next 10-15 years.

Last few months, the growth prospects of India are highly debated, especially when the country is staring at an economic slowdown. Added to the challenges of the past are the emerging technologies grouped commonly under the term Industry 4.0, climate warming and other environmental crises that brook no delayed responses from us, and the reassertion of protective trade regimes by some powerful countries. Questions are being asked about how Indian businesses can show resilience amid this slowdown and emerge stronger than before. And once again, the answer fundamentally will have to be quality.

The path of progress centers on quality as it did 70 years ago to post-war Japan to rise as an economic power through quality. There are many examples of Indian companies that transformed themselves through excellence in the face of competition from global industries.

The government of India’s initiative of ‘Make In India’ is aimed at attracting Foreign Direct Investment, increasing manufacturing activity, and generating employment for the youth. All this needs a drastic rise in resource productivity, building new human capital, and helping regenerate natural capital. It also needs energetic efforts at eradicating waste of all forms not only in manufacturing but also in all stages of the use. It is time for unprecedented levels of innovation.

Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) is pleased to present a platform for all concerned for deliberating this at its 16th edition of the Annual Conference at Pune. I heartily welcome academicians, researchers, social scientists, business professionals, government officials, and students to participate in the event and contribute to an essential aspect of the future of doing business. It is an occasion to interact with cutting edge minds from all sectors of Industry.

15th ISQ Annual Conference opening speech by Mr. Kiran Deshmukh, President ISQ


Kiran Deshmukh
President, Indian Society for Quality